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DCC_1604It’s the Sunday of Labor Day and even though September 6 is as late as you get for Labor Day weekend, the weather was warm and beautiful. We haven’t been kayaking for about 2 months now but the weather and the timing of the day dictated we get back on the boats with the dogs.  I loaded up the car this morning and we arrive at Splitrock around 11:30am and were in the water right about noon.  Once I check the video tape it will give me a more accurate schedule of the paddle.  Though the parking lot was crowded we were able to squeeze into  a spot, unload, go to the bathroom, and head down hill to the reservoir.

There was a group of around six boats getting into the water with us which was good because this one lady with a lifeguard shirt on helped us enter the boats by holding them steady,  Getting in was no problem.  Within a few minutes Rags plopped in the water wanting to get to Kathy’s boat.  That was okay, it was nice out and the water is clean.  We headed toward the eastern side of the island proceeding counterclockwise.  This was opposite to the way we went the previous time we went to Splitrock.  The water was very calm with just the slightest of breezes and only a few wispy clouds in the sky.  Short of dragon flies we saw no wildlife.

I flew ahead at the beginning always liking to get some speed but I left Kathy in the dust, leaving Scraps to pace back and forth.  When we got to the skinny channel on the eastern side of the island the water turned to glass.  We stuck together for the most part through the channel and then for the next 20 minutes I towed Kathy and the dogs at a pretty good pace.  We went further north than we did in our initial paddle at Splitrock and then we zoomed back to the put-in/take out point just east of the dam.  It felt good to tow them all, ’twas a good work out.

Take-out was less busy than the last time we came here but there was still plenty of activity in the ramp area.  Kathy got out first, not worrying about getting your feet wet makes it a lot easier on these rocky shores.  I followed and then 20 minutes and we were packed and gone.  A nice day on the lake for two and a-half hours in perfect conditions.  Probably the last time we will be warm while paddling this year.  Hopefully we will have some beautiful autumn colors to photography on the colder days ahead.

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