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DCC_9690We tied the two kayaks and the two dogs to Kathy’s parent’s pontoon boat and headed out to enjoy a beautiful day in July on Lake Wallenpaupack, Poconos, PA.  Kathy’s parents and their friends Paul and Lois were on the boat with us and they were a great help in taking care of the dogs for us for a little bi

We left the dock at about 1:20pm on the Sunday of the 4th of July weekend and we got to the cove where we anchored the pontoon boat at about 1:45.  By about 2:15 I was in the water with Rags and Kathy was getting in the water with Scraps.  Getting in and out from the boat was really easy since you had something above you to hold on to as you lowered and raised yourself out of the kayak.


We headed to the tip of the cove and quickly found a dead end.  Rags fell in for the first and only time as she tried to leave the boat and go onto a rock.   She did a split between the two fo them and fell in.   No big deal.  I pulled her back into the boat and she shock herself dry.


We headed out of the cove, past the pontoon boat and headed into some choppier water.  There were a few wakes that were some fun, but for the most part kayaking on the lake is pretty dull.  I did manage to scare a gaggle of ducks out of the water and to fly 10 feet.  That was about it for wildlife.  Most of the wildlife was comprised of drunken Keystone Rednecks that filled the lake with their big boats.  We dropped the dogs off with the parents around 3:30 and paddled a little longer by ourselves until about 4:00.  It was cool that Kathy was able to get the dogs to stand on the boogie boards in the water.


That’s it.


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